BlueGreen Alliance | Our Vision: High-Road Development

Offshore wind energy stands to add billions of dollars to Oregon’s economy in the coming decades. The development of offshore wind platforms and associated infrastructure has the potential to add thousands of jobs by 2050—in operations, maintenance, and associated economic activities.

By creating a high-road vision for offshore wind development, we can ensure these are good-paying jobs with good benefits, safe and healthy work conditions, and apprenticeship opportunities.

During the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) process, an area of the ocean is auctioned to a developer in a Federal Lease Auction. Recent leases in other states have been awarded to bidders who committed to high-road development—and we can do the same here in Oregon.

A high-road approach for Oregon will: 

  • Include project labor and harmony agreements that provide good wages and benefits, prioritize worker safety, secure union neutrality, card check neutrality, and commitment to a domestic supply chain;
  • Prioritize the use of local, regional, and domestic supply chains for the components and manufacturing of offshore wind facilities and associated infrastructure; 
  • Ensure projects are built to the highest environmental standards, using the best available data, to avoid, minimize, and mitigate any impact on ocean ecosystems and wildlife; 
  • Deliver benefits to local communities and impacted parties through legally binding agreements with accountability and oversight; 
  • Be informed by robust, accessible, and inclusive stakeholder engagement including unions, local communities, underserved populations, and impacted industries; 
  • Recognize the sovereignty of Tribal nations through meaningful government-to-government consultation to ensure shared economic prosperity and protection of sacred spaces; and 
  • Provide for the economic revitalization of local communities on the Oregon coast and the preservation of existing industries—including fishing and tourism.

Opportunities for Good Paying Union Job Development 

Project Labor Agreements 

This prehire collective bargaining agreement ensures workers will be fairly compensated with safe working conditions. PLAs are already a key element of ensuring high-road, on-shore development of renewable energy in Oregon.

>> What it means for you: Union wages and family healthcare

Community Benefit Agreements

A legally enforceable commitment by companies to support the local community and impacted stakeholders, helping mitigate any unwanted impacts and build shared prosperity.

>> What it means for you: Benefits to those who live in impacted Coastal areas

Union Apprenticeship and Workforce Training

The complex and varied nature of development requires a high-skilled workforce to support development, construction, assembly, and operations.

>> What it means: Robust apprenticeship training and career opportunities, with pathways for underserved communities

Labor Harmony Agreements 

An agreement with a developer to secure union neutrality, card check neutrality, commitment to a domestic supply chain, and stringent health and safety standards, wages, and benefits.

>> What it means for you: Protection for the right of workers to organize and be safe and supported in their job


Assembling it Here: Local Infrastructure Construction and Floating Wind Fabrication

Construction and assembly of offshore wind platforms will bring new opportunities to port communities and abundant, affordable energy will encourage new manufacturing facilities.

>> What it means for you: Employing local workers in the construction and fabrication of parts and components 

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