BlueGreen Alliance | Offshore Wind Works for Oregon

We have the opportunity to add a new sector of economic activity using untapped offshore wind power in the next decade. Oregon is a prime location for offshore wind. Federal, state, local, and Tribal governments — collaborating with workers and community members— must ensure Oregon takes the right approach to developing offshore wind.

Meeting Clean Energy Goals

Reaching 100% clean energy by 2040 will require rapid growth in renewable energy. Offshore wind is vital to us getting there.  

Creating Shared Prosperity

With the right agreements, we can create: high-wage jobs, new career opportunities, and long-term benefits for local and impacted communities.

Offshore Wind in Oregon

Building floating offshore wind on the Oregon Coast will require a skilled workforce for development, manufacturing, staging, construction, and operations.

If done the right way, offshore wind presents an opportunity to help Oregon meet its clean energy goals and create shared prosperity with long-term community benefits. We must encourage leaders to take a high-road approach to make the most offshore wind. Now is the time to start engaging in the process.


Our Vision: High-Road Development

Offshore wind energy stands to add billions of dollars to Oregon’s economy in the coming decades. The development of offshore wind platforms and associated infrastructure has the potential to add thousands of jobs by 2050—in construction, operations, maintenance, and associated economic activities.

Our vision for offshore wind development is a high-road model, where we ensure these are good-paying jobs with good benefits, safe and healthy work conditions, and apprenticeship opportunities.


Opportunities for Good-Paying Union Jobs

There are a variety of opportunities to engage in shaping how offshore wind is developed to ensure a high-road vision. Our offshore wind coalition believes that should include: 

  • Workforce Training
  • Project Labor Agreements
  • Community Benefit Agreements
  • Domestic Supply Chain
  • Local Manufacturing
  • Labor Peace/Harmony Agreements


Making Offshore Wind Jobs Good Union Jobs

Our coalition’s goal as the offshore wind process unfolds in Oregon is to secure a Project Labor Agreement and Labor Harmony Agreement with the selected developer that:

  • Requires union wages and family benefits
  • Prioritizes worker safety and respects all workplace laws
  • Includes apprenticeship utilization requirements
  • Requires local hire prioritization
  • Sets goals for utilizing workforce from underserved communities

The Offshore Wind Works for Oregon Coalition

We are a coalition of labor and worker advocates who support responsible, high-road development of wind energy off Oregon’s coast. We represent over 300,000 workers across the state ready to get to work to build our clean energy future.